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College Programs

Today’s graduates are entering into a job market where tomorrow’s jobs may not even yet exist. Due to the ever-growing use of technology, careers in tech are in high in-demand, financially sound, and can provide a flexible lifestyle whether you choose remote or in-person work. 

By 2026, 9.3 million new jobs will be created due to Salesforce’s cloud services. College students today have the opportunity to consider Salesforce as a potential career for entrance into the tech industry (especially if you don’t have a coding background!) 


These programs are designed to help students and recent grads learn about and take their first steps toward Salesforce career paths. I’m a Salesforce consultant who has learned the skill sets and want to help college students propel their careers. Let’s collaborate!


How to Build a Career in Tech (Without Writing Code)

Don’t have a Computer Science degree or extensive coding knowledge? Get introduced to tech careers, including product, marketing, and more! After a decade of building my own career using technology, I'm excited to share what's possible and my tips for breaking into the industry.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to begin a tech career through leveraging functional specialties, such as product, marketing, sales, finance, & project management 

  • What’s needed to build a tech career and where roles exist

  • Discover resources & support throughout any stage of your career

Introduction to Salesforce Careers

What exactly is the Salesforce ecosystem and what are the career paths for college graduates? This introductory seminar is designed to introduce undergraduate college students of all majors to the limitless Salesforce career options from part-time and summer positions to long-term career paths. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand Salesforce ecosystem careers & skill sets and why they’re so in demand 

  • Receive an overview of Salesforce career paths & what strengths align with each

  • Get tips for breaking into the industry

Interactive Workshops

Career Alignment Group Session

In this two-hour group workshop, we can work together to help you find a Salesforce career path that aligns with your strengths and passions, whether a summer or part-time job or a long-term career. As an expert in the field who has navigated my own career from entry-level coordinator to six-figure consultant, I've created a framework to help students find the type of work that's both fulfilling and financially lucrative. Ideal for groups of 2-10 students.


  • Review individual self-assessment results & discuss potential Salesforce career paths

  • Define goals that align with your strengths and passions

  • Create a career action plan to strategize your path to success

My First Salesforce App

Learn the basics of Salesforce application development and what it’s really like to build something in the system (it’s easier than you think!) This two-hour workshop will overview app fundamentals, including data architecture, design, documentation, building, and testing. Get hands-on practice and leave with your own custom Salesforce application to manage your workload. Ideal for groups of 2-20 students.

  • Discover the possible problems that can be solved with Salesforce apps

  • Build a foundation to Salesforce app development

  • Walk away with your own Salesforce app to show in your portfolio

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I loved the presentation “How to Build a Career in Tech Without Writing Code”! There are so many opportunities to work in the industry for students of all majors and it’s so important to make sure students know that they have options. It’s an engaging topic and a great introduction!"

-Krys Nguyen, Dream Job Pursuit

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