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Walking the Talk

Often, I come across requests that I know I can figure out myself, but I don’t yet have the experience to feel confident implementing it for someone else. When I find myself in these situations, I open up my Trailhead demo org and build it for myself. This benefits me and my clients in many ways: it helps me to gain experience and learn from the process, I get to feel what it’s like on the user side when I test and use the final product, and my own business benefits from the newly improved system.

Just tonight, I was thinking that a helpful service to offer my clients is setting up a web-to-lead form for their website. Many of us already have these contact forms on our sites, but they sit isolated from our CRM systems. If you’re using Salesforce, it’s fairly easy to generate the code to embed on your site. The challenge is ensuring you have the right data architecture, queues, auto-assignment, and auto-response rules set up in advance. You may also need to manually style the HTML code. That is where I was struggling this evening. The contact form appeared on my page, but it was completely out of style with the rest of my website. I tried to remember my previous email marketing experience and the basics of HTML style tags. With the aid of Google, I was able to make the form match the design of my site, and now it’s both functional and beautiful!

I learned so much in this process, and now I feel confident that I can implement this for my clients. It’s always a good reminder to myself that I should “walk the talk” and consistently deliver solutions to myself first. So often, it is easy to assume that a build is user-friendly and efficient, but you can only gain a true understanding of your client’s experience by living it yourself.

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