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Salesforce Certified Administrator Video Guide

  • Admin Video Guide

    Valid for one year

Pass the Salesforce Admin Exam with our Video Study Guide


Our Salesforce Certified Administrator Video Guide is here to help you prepare for and pass the certification exam. 


You’ll not only get all the great content from our PDF Study Guide like…

  • A recommended order of study topics

  • Self-paced schedule options

  • Diagrams and aids to clarify concepts

  • Key concept and value call-outs

  • Full vocabulary review lists


BUT, you’ll also get 26 instructional videos that are:


  • Short, engaging, and easy to follow to help you retain important concepts easier


  • Filled with Walkthroughs, screen shares, and video lectures created to help you navigate Salesforce with ease


  • Designed to reinforce your knowledge by using practical, real-world examples from an imaginary company, Flor’s Flower Shop. 

The video guide covers everything you need to know to pass the salesforce administrator exam:

  • Object Manager & Lightning App Builder (20%)

  • Configuration & Setup (20%)

  • Data & Analytics Management (14%)

  • Workflow/Process Automation (16%)

  • Service and Support Applications (11%)

  • Sales and Marketing Applications (12%)

  • Productivity & Collaboration (7%)


Ready to start your new career as a Salesforce Certified Administrator? 


Don't just learn Salesforce, master it with our video study guide.


Purchase our video guide now!


"Laurel was so helpful while studying for my Salesforce Administrator certification. Her guides and vocab term reviews were exactly the type of material i saw on the actual exam. For me, it was her 1:1 sessions that really helped me get a passing grade. She helped me understand key concepts and themes (most of which I was struggling with), and all of which I saw on the actual exam. She was patient and encouraging. I had my final 1:1 with her just a few days before I was scheduled to take the exam (I was really doubting myself at that point), and she encouraged me to stay confident in my abilities. Thanks Laurel!!" 

"Laurel really was thorough and professional. She gave clear expectations of the session and what we would get out of it. It was a no judgement zone and we could ask questions to help us grow as Salesforce Administrators. I learned a lot and thankfully it helped right away in my current role. I highly suggest you really work with Laurel as it really helped me in the long run."

"I PASSED! I love getting coached by Laurel. I really did need her. No regrets."

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