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Want to know what we've been working on? Read below to see our recent projects.
Salesforce Certified Administrator Training Program

At LM Consulting, we know that sharing is caring. We wouldn't be where we are today without the generous spirit of those who have mentored us and taught us what they know along the way. That is why we are so excited to announce the launch of our Salesforce Certified Administrator training program. This program embraces the #AwesomeAdmin spirit of self-guided learning through our custom website curriculum that leverages Trailhead and other free resources. We combined this with targeted 1:1 expert sessions to fill in any gaps in knowledge and test for understanding. We share our best tips and tricks for the exam, and our materials are mobile-friendly. It's the best of both worlds, and we can't wait to enroll our next batch of trainees. If you're interested in participating in the program, let us know by clicking here.

Here's what our trainees are saying about the program:

"Laurel was so helpful while studying for my Salesforce Administrator certification. Her guides and vocab term reviews were exactly the type of material i saw on the actual exam. For me, it was her 1:1 sessions that really helped me get a passing grade. She helped me understand key concepts and themes (most of which I was struggling with), and all of which I saw on the actual exam. She was patient and encouraging. I had my final 1:1 with her just a few days before I was scheduled to take the exam (I was really doubting myself at that point), and she encouraged me to stay confident in my abilities. Thanks Laurel!!" 

Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack Full Implementation

Our client had been using Sage CRM for a number of years, and the system no longer met their needs. We implemented the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack and customized their system with fields, page views, reports, and workflows. We determined user profiles and role configurations, and maintained the system once it was up and running. We were also responsible for the clean up and migration of data from the old system to the new system, utilizing DemandTools.

After implementation, we worked to integrate several additional systems, such as marketing automation through Exact Target, and electronic signature software Docusign. The migration to Salesforce drastically improved our client's ability to work efficiently and effectively. Custom fields and page layouts allowed different teams to track and access their information more quickly and accurately. Reports and dashboards allowed our client to interpret their sales and operations data in real-time, and make informed decisions from it. Workflows and other automation both saved the team time, as well as ensured the data remained clean and accurate. Mailing lists that previously included out of date records or duplicates became clean and targeted for marketing, which we were able to further automate through Exact Target. Overall, the project was a huge success.

Automated Order Form: Salesforce + Docusign

Our client had been using a pdf order form to gather requirements from their customers. They manually transferred that data into Salesforce to manage their business, which was taking a lot of time and was prone to error. They wanted to automate this process to eliminate the need for manual data entry.

We leveraged Docusign to create a custom template with Salesforce integration. We also created some workflows in Salesforce to automatically transfer certain pieces of data to related records (another manual process that we discovered through this project). By the end, we had a fully automated order form with a custom button on the opportunity page.

This project saved the team hours of time, which allowed them to focus on keeping their customers happy and delivering a quality product. In addition to saving time, using Docusign allowed them to more closely track the order form, see if a customer had opened it, and send automated reminders. This helped the team to better manage their business.

Sales Process Assessment and Salesforce Opportunity Rebuild

A large, national organization had grown in size dramatically over the past few years and the Salesforce architecture had not caught up with the new needs of the business. They needed to sell a variety of services to large, enterprise accounts with locations across the US. We assessed and documented the current sales process, defined requirements, and built a new opportunity structure that would allow the sales team to better sell to large national accounts, track complicated deals, and coordinate across different geographic regions. This has resulted in increased collaboration across sites and a more focused approach to enterprise sales.

Salesforce Custom Market Research Task Form

The Market Research team had been tracking their projects in a spreadsheet and wanted to transfer those records into Salesforce and use a custom Task Form to track and report on their work. I documented requirements, determined the technical build, prototyped the form, tested, and trained the team. We were able to import the old Market Research data and the team is now gaining new insights through reporting. The new form allows them to better manage their work, and is resulting in better outputs and happy management.

Creative Working
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