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I provide a variety of services, all with the goal of making your org and your career the best they can be. Read below for a brief summary of offerings, and please reach out if you'd like to discuss working together

Salesforce Certification

Study guides, workshops, and targeted tutoring to help you prepare to pass your certification exams.

Career Coaching

Resources and services to help you advance your Salesforce career and feel confident in your mastery of Salesforce products. 

College Programs

Seminars and workshops designed to help college students break into the Salesforce industry.


Design, documentation, training, and set up for new Salesforce orgs. 

System Audit

Assessment and recommendations for parts or all of your Salesforce database and its associated integrations.

Here's what my clients have to say: 

"It was a huge comfort that LM Consulting understood our organization and small nonprofits. I was quickly able to trust our consultant's judgement, because she demonstrated understanding of our organization's mission and values. The training I got along the way on the construction and back-end of Salesforce was relevant and helpful. LM Consulting made the process of building a Salesforce platform far easier than I could have imagined it would be. We will be working with LM Consulting in the future!"
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