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Salesforce Certification


Are you ready to be Salesforce Certified? Here you will find resources designed to prepare you to pass. Read below for more details on the guides and services. If you don't see something you're looking for, or if you have any questions please email me at

Free Master Classes

Prep to Pass: Getting Your Salesforce Certification

Are you feeling prepared to pass your Salesforce Certification? Not even sure where to start? Join me as I share an overview of the Salesforce Certifications, my recommended study strategy, and tips for passing the exams. Click the link below to watch the recording.

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  • Reports & Dashboards Guide

    Valid for one year
Salesforce Reports & Dashboards Guide

This video guide explores every aspect of creating and managing reports and dashboards in Salesforce. With short, engaging videos and hands-on examples, this guide is designed to improve your data visualization and analysis skills. The guide covers:

  • Permissions & Access

  • Report Types

  • Report Formats

  • Working with Groups (Dates, Buckets, and Summaries)

  • Filters

  • Formulas

  • Dashboards

  • Refresh & Subscription

Salesforce Certified Associate Study Guide (PDF)

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in Salesforce but are overwhelmed with the platform? Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of Salesforce? Our latest resource, The Salesforce Certified Associate Study Guide, is perfect for you!

Enter your Salesforce Associate Certification Exam feeling confident and prepared, purchase our study guide today!

Salesforce Certified Administrator Study Guide (PDF)

Through working with many individuals to successfully pass their Salesforce certification exams, I have developed a comprehensive study guide to aid in preparation. This guide has been optimized over years of use, and includes a recommended order of study topics, self-paced schedule options, diagrams and aids to clarify concepts, key concept and value call-outs, and full vocabulary review lists. Download your copy today!

  • Admin Video Guide

    Valid for one year
Salesforce Certified Administrator Video Guide


The Salesforce Certified Administrator Video Guide includes all the great content featured in the PDF study guide, with an additional 26 instructional videos included. The videos are designed to be short and engaging, covering the most important concepts for each section, and explaining how to apply each to the exam. You will see both lectures and hands-on applications, following an example client, Flor's Flower Shop. The video guide is ideal for anyone who is self-studying or working with a group. Click the link to access your video guide today!

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Coaching Packages

Salesforce Certified Administrator Tutoring


For many, passing the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is one of the first steps to unlocking a successful career. This certification requires preparation much like any other formal exam: you need to understand the question format, test taking strategies, key vocabulary, exam-specific topics, and much more. While there are plenty of resources available to learn the concepts, working with an expert will accelerate your preparation and set you up for success.

We will work together to determine an efficient study strategy, clarify concepts, drill practice questions, and review best practices. The service is billed by the hour and tailored to your specific timeline. Please contact me to discuss your goals and get started! 


"Laurel was so helpful while studying for my Salesforce Administrator certification. Her guides and vocab term reviews were exactly the type of material i saw on the actual exam. For me, it was her 1:1 sessions that really helped me get a passing grade. She helped me understand key concepts and themes (most of which I was struggling with), and all of which I saw on the actual exam. She was patient and encouraging. I had my final 1:1 with her just a few days before I was scheduled to take the exam (I was really doubting myself at that point), and she encouraged me to stay confident in my abilities. Thanks Laurel!!" 

"Laurel really was thorough and professional. She gave clear expectations of the session and what we would get out of it. It was a no judgement zone and we could ask questions to help us grow as Salesforce Administrators. I learned a lot and thankfully it helped right away in my current role. I highly suggest you really work with Laurel as it really helped me in the long run."

"I PASSED! I love getting coached by Laurel. I really did need her. No regrets."

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